Wedding Food & Drink: Meeting Wedding Guests’ Dietary Needs?

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November 19, 2016
January 15, 2017

Has designing your wedding day menu become extremely overwhelming due to trying to appease every guest and their dietary restriction(s)? Are individual food allergies are complicating otherwise simple menu decisions? When trying to consider specific needs, like Aunt Cathy’s gluten intolerance, uncle John’s vegan-ism and whatever cousin Sally’s latest diet fad choice is, there can just be too many of them to keep straight. Does it mean you have to spend an arm an a leg on pricey meat alternatives? Of course not.

There are so many vegan-friendly recipes that are delicious, affordable and delicious for everyone. Just choose one and everyone can eat comfortably- and happily. Being proactive about these sorts of requests is a plus because it allows the catering staff plenty of time to organise and prepare the requests. In the end, it’s fair to say that between many of the (quite common) specialty diets or dietary requests out there, such as, kosher, gluten-free (gluten-intolerant), vegetarian, vegan, South Beach diet, Atkins diets (low-no carb), sugar-free, diabetic, low fat, any-and-every sort of food allergy or even just good ol’ picky eaters, choosing an affordable wedding menu that you feel comfortable will satisfy every guest can seem like an impossible feat.