Waiter’s Professional.

Waiter’s Advice for Professional
November 4, 2019

    Tips for a professional waiter?



  1. Do not ever say, “Good choice”, this phrase is usually implying that other choices are bad.
  2. Do not call a woman “lady”, instead of this word use “madam”.
  3. It is not in a professional the waiter that eat or drink in plain view of guests.
  4. By saying, “No problem” it is a problem. It has a hidden meaning of insincerity or sarcasm. Instead of “No problem” use phrases like “My pleasure” or “You’re welcome”, they sound way better to everyone.
  5. Be very careful and elegant and do not bang into chairs or tables when passing by.
  6. Never touch a customer no matter what. Do not brush them, move them, wipe them or dust them or anything that is involving touching.
  7. Do not pop a champagne cork, this looks festive only in movies. Remove it quietly, gracefully. The less noise the better.
  8. Do not put your hands all over the spout of a wine bottle while removing the cork, it doesn’t look gracious and it is not hygienic.
  9. Never mention what your favorite food or dessert is. It’s irrelevant for anybody.
  10. Do not curse under any circumstances, no matter how young or hip the guests.
  11. Do not discuss your own eating habits, be you vegan or lactose intolerant or diabetic.
  12. Do not stand behind someone who is ordering, always make eye contact with all the guests. Thank him or her.
  13. Make sure you will bring all the appetizers at the same time, or do not bring the appetizers. Same with entrees and desserts.
  14. Do not show frustration, your only mission is to serve. Be patient, it is not easy.
  15. Do not play an entire CD of any artist ever. If someone doesn’t like Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé, you have just ruined a meal.

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