Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Service Provider for Corporate and Office Catering
February 21, 2017
Let’s Have Healthy Events – and Please Pass the Butter
April 5, 2017

Whether you’re hosting a special event, a dinner party,  a birthday, anniversary or any other event, choosing a caterer is an important decision which can define the tone and success of your event.  You want to enjoy the food yourself, but you also want your guests to feel welcomed, be wowed by the presented food, and leave a lasting impression that your events are something to write home about! That’s where your choice of caterer comes in – not only do you want to ensure the food your chosen caterer produces is of the highest quality and best taste, but the service is professional with flair, and the ingredients are of a great standard. So what should you consider when choosing an event caterer?

1) Reputation

Word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get. Real life experience of your chosen caterer will give you the most honest and reliable report of what to expect. Have a look at social media for any reviews or testimonials on the website. Many catering firms will have a portfolio they can share with you when you meet with examples of their previous work and any feedback, which can help you decide whether the firm you are talking to is the right one for you.

2) Budget

Set your budget prior to talking to caterers for a quote and be honest about your limits. Our chefs can be incredibly creative and will do their very best to come up with exciting and innovative menus that don’t stretch your budget.

3) Availability

It seems obvious, but finding out whether your chosen caterer is available on your given dates, and can provide services within your area, are important considerations. If you’re looking for event catering, wedding catering, office catering or BBQ and cookery classes in London, talk to us today to secure your chosen dates

4) Quality of Food

At ZJCS Catering we understand how important delicious, high-quality food is to your event. We know that for any special events you are looking for an impressive combination of eye-catching presentation combined with sensational food. Wherever possible we source local, seasonal ingredients in order to produce a mouthwatering menu that really inspires. All our team have extensive experience in both culinary skills and first class service, to ensure your event runs smoothly to exceed your expectations.

5) Experience

To ensure you get the perfect catering service, always choose a professional catering team with experienced chefs and expertise in delivering outstanding food and service. Have a look at their social media accounts and website to view the portfolio of food and example menus, this will also give you an idea of their style and whether it matches.

To find out more about booking a professional, reputable caterer for any private or corporate events in London, talk to Zjcatering today.

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