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April 12, 2017
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May 31, 2017

Catering for an event can be a difficult task. You must be able to serve each and every guest with impeccable timing, immaculate execution, thorough knowledge of the product and incomparable flair and charm. You must be fast and efficient yet flawless.

The timing of each serve is crucial to the consistency of the evening. You cannot have one table finishing their meal when you have just started serving the last table. You must never bring cold food to a guest and always, always keep the dish exactly how the chef intended it to be received. Whilst you are doing this, all guests must also have their wine ready at the right temperature and water to accompany. All this needs the highest level of training and concentrations to be executed perfectly.

If you are trying to entertain your guests at the same time, you may overlook certain details and compromise the service. If you think you can do all these things then maybe you should work in hospitality. If you would prefer to entertain your guests and enjoy yourself then you should book waiting staff for your private parties. Imagine hosting a corporate event for potential new clients. You need to make sure they are impressed. And booking a private event in a quirky location will definitely get your guests thinking that you are not like everyone else. However having said this, you cannot pitch your idea and serve them their food at the same time. 

Catering services can do this for you so you can concentrate on your business proposal instead of worrying that your gluten intolerant guest didn’t get the right dish. Always wanted your wedding to be in your childhood house? London wedding caterers are the easiest way to transport your special day into the back garden and be certain all your guests are being taken care of. Make your day magical without a worry by hiring waiters and waitresses through an events catering agency in London today. No one will be seen with an empty glass!


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